What They’re Saying

I wish I had received coaching from a person like Vikki 30 years earlier. I’ve always considered myself a confident and organized person but she picked up on the fact that I needed a new mantra, ‘Why not me?’ That single statement and the meaning behind it (reminding myself not to discount my career potential from the get go) really helped me, and continues to help me, as I progress in my new role. I can’t recommend Vikki’s coaching services strongly enough.”

~Jeff B. Director, Administrative Systems PMO

“Presentation was very applicable to both workplace and personal relationships. Enjoyed it and learned a lot. –Thanks”
~HR Manager,  presentation attendee

Vikki helped me recognize that my team needed my leadership more now than at any point in my career. Her direct approach worked to break through barriers that I had created in my own head, barriers that were preventing me from managing my team and leading my organization effectively. She helped me rebuild my confidence, recognize my strengths, and use them to create relationships and practices that contribute to my success at the University.
~Jon P. Senior Director, Enterprise Architect Authentication and Collaboration Solutions Group

“…wonderful job! I learned a lot and definitely will use what I learned when I connect with people
~Attendee, Trust Workshop



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