Attendees at Manager Integration Meeting

Are your managers having a hard time connecting with their teams?

Our manager integration program helps managers and teams establish a foundation for building trust early in their relationship. Unfortunately,  building relationships takes time which is something company training teams don’t have a lot of. Here’s where we can help .  Using a series of structured conversations and workshops, we help teams and managers cut through the “getting to know you” phase and get everyone working on the same page quickly and effectively.

In a series of 3-4 workshops each lasting about an hour, we can uncover concerns from the team and the manager in a safe, supported setting that promotes honesty and fosters participation.  We then help teams create an action plan for success that allows them to recognize and address potential minor miscues before they become major problems.

Not only is this program is ideal for managers who are taking on new teams, it is beneficial in other situations.  Has your manager just been promoted and now has to manager his or her former peer group? What about the veteran manager that is needs a refresher to avoid a major disconnect with the team?  It  even works to bring new teams together. In short, wherever there are two separate groups that need to work as one, this is the program you need.  Let us help build the relationships that are necessary to “Get it right from the start™” Call today to let us show how we can help.