site iconWhy the Anchor?

To foul an anchor means to entangle or entwine the flukes on the bottom.  It is the symbol of the A United States Navy Chief Petty Officer (CPO) and represents the “trials and tribulations” a CPO must endure on a never ending basis. There is a reason the Chief is one of if not “the” most respected rank in the Navy.  The CPO sector is the highest ranking group of non-commissioned officers and; as goes the Chief goes the Navy. In addition to being the enlisted team leader, the Chief is also tasked with molding young officers into good leaders and a good one will do so with the finesse and skill of surgeon.  Indeed a good Chief can finely hone the skills and character of a junior officer and make that officer believe success happened the other way around.

So why did I choose it as my logo?  There are several reasons:  Foremost is the fact that the US Navy is an integral part of who I am.  I was fortunate to serve for 17 years first as an enlisted technician, and then as a commissioned officer. Through my entire career, the Chiefs I worked for and with always had my back.  I choose the anchor to honor them and to let them know that I did listen and I did learn. That their lessons did not fall on deaf ears. But I also chose it because it most fittingly represents the rough waters a manager must navigate in making the move to greatness.  That’s what V.A. Brown Consulting is all about, it’s about unfouling the anchor so that managers can steer a clear and unencumbered course to their chosen destination.


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