Employees join companies but they leave managers

Let us help you retain both

How good are your new and middle managers?  Do they have the skills and qualities to help your organization stand the test of time? Do they have what it takes to make people want to stay?

Your managers can make or break your business depending on the depth of their skills and expertise. Do you have managers that can get the daily work done but have no clue how to chair a meeting?  Are you spending your time helping them deal with personnel issues that they should know how to handle. In short, can they further your vision or are they just good at approving time sheets?

Here at V.A. Brown Consulting, we can give your managers the one thing you don’t have a lot of  – TIME. Through our personalized coaching, group workshops and onsite seminars, we can take the time to ensure they have the skills and abilities they need to put you on the road to great leadership.


What they said:

“She helped me rebuild my confidence,”
~Jon P. Senior Director, Enterprise Architect Authentication and Collaboration Solutions Group

I wish I had received coaching from a person like Vikki 30 years earlier…”
~Jeff B. Director, Administrative Systems PMO

“Vikki is passionate about unleashing the talents of those she works with…she keeps the bar high and challenges others to rise to meet it.”
~ Andrea Schwartz,Executive Director, Bay Area Braven Leadership Accelerator


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